Award Booking Service

Emirates A380 First Class

We can help you book Emirates A380 First Class

Why Use an Award Booking Service

Earning enough airline miles and credit card points to book a trip is only the first step in booking your dream vacation using point and miles.  Once you have earned enough airline miles and points, you still need to search for and book the flights.  With all of the complex award rules such as black out dates, airline partnerships, routing rules and service fees involved, booking your dream award can be a daunting task.

Maximizing the Value of Your Awards

The experts at WhiteMoonTravel have booked countless numbers of complex domestic and international awards.  Whether you are looking to maximize the number of flights you can get out of your airline miles and book the cheapest economy tickets, or you want to take that once in a lifetime aspirational trip around the world in First class the experts at WhiteMoonTravel can ensure you are maximizing the value of your hard earned airline miles and points.


Our fees are simple.  You simply let us know where you want to travel (origin and destination(s)), your desired travel dates, the class of service you want to travel (economy, business, first class), and which airline miles/points you want to use to book the itinerary.  If we can find space for you and book the itinerary, then you pay our booking fee. If we are unable to book the award, you pay nothing. It’s that simple.

  • Domestic Itineraries(for itineraries wholly within the United States)
    • First passenger is $125
    • Each additional passenger is just $89
  • International Itineraries
    • First passenger is $150
    • Each additional passenger is just $99

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